Give a party

Want to give a party?

It is possible to rent the bunker for any party needs you might have, whether you’re giving a birthday party with some people or having a lustrum party! Anything is possible.

So you wonder: ‘But how much is it going to cost me?’ You don’t have to pay rent for the use of the bunker however some costs are necessary:
Cleaning:                                                                          35,-
Board members (2)                                                          10,- an hour
Bar crew                                                                           7,50 an hour
Bouncer                                                                            15,- an hour

There has to be a board member at your party at all times, there are no exceptions. Also we require a deposit to be paid. More on that is in our contract.

There is an exception to these costs though. All parties after 22:00 are free on Tuesdays! There are requirements for that though:
-You have to e-mail us about it before the start of the period in which the party is given in
-People from Dijkgraaf will be welcome as well, so the party won’t be 100% private

The agenda below shows if we are available and if you want to reserve the bunker or have any questions be sure to email us at:

If you are throwing a party at the Hunker Bunker, you need to sign this contract this contract